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In 1969 there is begun factory "Umanselmash" building.

In August, 1970 the factory has let out the first industrial output.
In 1974 on the basis of factory "Umanselmash", an experimental plant of agricultural mechanical engineering and GSKB the production association of "Umanfermmash" is created.
Since July 1983 year on "Umanfermmash" general director Lipkan Anatoly Vasilyevich has headed.
The enterprise was specialised on release of machnen for animal industries and foragemanufactures, had the narrow nomenclature and provided all economy of the USSR. After disintegration of Soviet Union the factory remained without a commodity market.

The accepted emergency measures were an association management - manufacture respecialization is spent, release of some new kinds of machnenfor agriculture and processing is mastered. Production nomenclature has grown from 3 names of mashinein 1991 year to 60 names in 1995 year the new structure of management and system of managing of the enterprise are introduced, the design potential is strengthened, the marketing service first in region is created. From 1991 year on 2003 year Volumes of output increased.
Along with industrial activity the enterprise carries out housing construction, develops social sphere.
The new stage of development of PJSC “UMANFERMMASH” has occurred in 2004 when on the enterprise the powerful investor the Mariupol metallurgical industrial complex of Ilyich has come that has allowed PJSC “UMANFERMMASH” for 2004 year to increase all basic indicators of work (manufacture, realisation, productivity) more than twice. Considerable work on creation of working conditions, enterprise gasifications is spent. Along with release of technics for agriculture, manufacture of products for metallurgy is mastered, orders of foundry manufacture are carried out, made various threwdesigns.
During 2004 - 2008 year factory volumes of output have grown more than in 6 times. Labour productivity and a wages have accordingly grown. The new equipment and progressive technological processes of manufacture is got and introduced. For 2008 it is made a 191,8 million commodity output grn.
In 2010, despite economic problems,
PJSC “UMANFERMMASH” spends verified technological and the economic policy directed on stabilisation of a financial condition. And it yields the results!

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