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Wide-level disk harrow BDSH-8,2


Purpose: the loosening of untreated compacted soils of different texture, cutting perennial grasses layer, tillage of stiff blocks after plowing, chopping of after harvesting residues, clipping weeds residues on rough fields after harvesting of the main agricultural crops, mulching, early-spring harrowing, pre-sowing tillage. Rated specific fuel consumption (9,0-10 l/ha).
Characteristic features: the trailer hook is spring-loaded, that ensures smooth movement of harrow and protects the frame from damage during transportation as well as during the work; disk bearing units are equipped with reinforced drive bearings 7515, which are protected from dirt by using a pair sleeve gaskets and the labyrinth seal; the optimal angle of attack is fixed; reliable fixation of the lateral sections in the transport position; lubricating spots are installed in the hinges of folding side sections, the central frame is made of seamless square tube 150x150; side frames are made of tubes 150x120 mm.

Aggregates with tractors

class 5


pull-type, hydraulic

Width, m


Output, ha/hour


Tillage depth in one pass, cm


Operating speed, km/h


Transportation speed, km/h

up to 20

Overall dimensions in operating/transportation state, mm

- width


- length


Weight, kg


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